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Barbara Harrison Media Inc, founded in Washington D.C. in 2019 specializes in video production, podcasts, family programming and live event production. In January 2020, Barbara Harrison Media (BHM) announced the launch of the company’s podcast studio dedicated to producing unique podcast series covering a wide variety of topics that both entertain and educate listeners of targeted demographics. BHM will contract writers, show runners and talent to produce content that is recorded locally and distributed through established channels such as Spotify, NPR American Forces Radio and Apple. Besides executive producing, Barbara Harrison will participate as an interviewer, host and storyteller with the same degree of enthusiasm, professional journalism and exacting standards that she has been known for maintaining at NBC for almost three decades.

BHM’s first podcast, “Behind the Lines, The Greatest War Letters Ever Written and the Stories Behind Them” is co-hosted by Barbara Harrison and Washingtonian historian and New York Times bestselling author Andrew Carroll, who is also founder of the Center for American War Letters. The Center's archive holds close to 150,000 original letters from the Revolutionary War through the Global Wars on Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan. Behind the Lines (BTL) is made up of these deeply personal and revealing letters from the “trenches,” written and responded to by girlfriends, wives and other family members, friends and battle buddies. The first season of twelve thirty-minute episodes is built around themes of love letters, historic anniversaries such as D Day or the Battle of Gettysburg and combat. These letters are read by famous actors and celebrities including Tom Brokaw, Rob Lowe, Joan Allen, Julianna Margulies, Oliver Platt, Campbell Scott, Martha Plimpton, Stanley Tucci, Hank Williams Jr., B.D. Wong, Noah Wyle, David Straitharn, Giovanni Ribisi, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., George Patton Junior and many more. They make Behind The Lines not only an extraordinary contribution to the podcast industry, but also to our national legacy. 

Episode One of BTL is completed and available upon request.
Other BHM podcasts under development include:

  •  Kids Speak Out: Conversations with Children About What's Going On In the World is a weekly video and podcast opportunity for children to ask questions, share their experiences, and hear from other children across the country and across the world. The first season will focus on the stories of children as they experience the spread of coronavirus in their communities. 

While launching through the medium of podcasts, BHM is fully committed to developing in other mediums including video and live event, always using the studio approach. Whenever possible, BHM will use local facilities, technical and creative talent and content drawn from the Washington Metropolitan Area. BHM believes that the stories of the people, places and events taking place locally are infinite.